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Mystix is trying to set his foot into the music side of the Vtubing industry, making his own music, doing sound design, and streaming that process. Besides music, he is a fan of the Monster Hunter game series, Terraria, and rhythm games like Osu! While not a top-tier gamer, he tries his best to make his streams relaxing and welcoming for those who join in to take their minds off of their lives to relax for even just a little bit.

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A Ranger specialized in stealth ops. He truly excelled in hiding in the surrounding flora on his expeditions thanks to his slow movements helping him stay more concealed but that was also the bane to his career; he never reaches his targets on time. So despite how much potential he had in the field, he started losing jobs very quickly over time and ended up shutting himself in, finding relief in his companionship with his animal friend, Shiba. Recently, he saw on the internet that people are starting to live on the internet thanks to the new virus going around, and that they are having fun doing this streaming thing where they can do things at their own pace. This piqued his interest and now, he’s here to try it out as well, and he hopes to get along with the people here.

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