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Motte Illume

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Motte is a transmasc VArtist who focuses primarily on art, VRoid, and comic content exploring their, and their group's lore. They stream at least once a week on twitch, usually streaming art for TTRPG projects. They never had an official Debut Event. When not streaming they are found on twitter posting work-in-progress pieces of their upcoming artwork.

One of the major things they focus on is showing the versatility of VRoid, having created several models for themselves, as well as the ones for their Vtuber Group: The Bugbunch.

Motte focuses on a chill vibe during their streams, knowing the importance of simply having someone to watch when you work on other things.

Their Release Frequency is closer to 0.6 per week as prior to being a Vtuber they streamed on their Twitch back in 2016. After 4 years of Hiatus they returned to streaming under this alias.

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Motte was the second to be created by The Professor. It would take him failed attempt after failed attempt to create this specimen, though eventually after gathering just the right set of ingredients it was done. Another life created to study how magic manifests. Though maybe not as successfully as The Professor had desired.

During their incubation time they lived through dreams and simulations preparing them for their true life, the one that matters.

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