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Mizuchi is a VStreamer that focuses on gaming and chatting content. She has a calm demeanor and relaxed tone. While primarily focused on PC games, she also frequently streams VR content such as VRChat. She has a tendency to be a bit competitive in PVP games. The primary focus of Mizuchi's stream is community building and chat interaction. She values her fan's opinions, and asks them for advice often. If you catch her, she will always greet you warmly and ask about your day!

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Hi everyone! I'm Mizuchi, a water dragon that lived in the rivers underground and the deep ocean for a very long time. I have a very important job of making sure all the critters of the water are tended after! One day, a curious human sat next to a pond I was attending to. He had this crazy device that was making a lot of audio and it had moving pictures, and he was smiling and laughing at it! So I took a peek and discovered what you guys call the internet, and broadcasting. After doing my job since what feels like the birth of Earth, I felt like it was time to reconnect with humans and make them smile!

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