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Mitzunari Hiragai

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Mitzunari Hiragai (Mitzy for short) is an English 3D Vtuber that streams a variety of games. She tends to be a rather chill and bubbly streamer and likes to make friends!

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It was a dark and obscure night...the darkness rolled across the night sky, enveloping the moon with it's foreboding wasn't till a faint cry of a baby, and a beam of light pierced the darkness did the evil aura blanketing the sky would disappear....thus Mitzunari was born....

Mitzunari Hiragai was born with certain powers, though unknown how they were obtained, her lunar magicks caught the eye of Tsukyomi whom took her under her wing as her adopted daughter. Parents unknown, Mitzy was taken away from the moment she was born, this Nephalem (half Angel half Demon) had been born with responsibility, the heiress to become the next moon goddess.

As Mitzy grew up, those around her and Tsukyomi tried to help her harness her abilities the best she could like the lower priestesses sought out to teach her...but alas, Mitzunari's powers were...different. Even though they were a lunar magicks that had chose her as it's wielder, her demon half made it hard to harness these abilities she had been born with....making her powers relentless and not quite controlled. It would take a great deal of time, patience growth and meditating before she would transcend and harness both her sides and become one with her lunar magicks.

One fateful night, Mitzunari was cleansing Tsukyomi's shrine, clearing the filthy demons that manifested searching for pure hearts and devouring them but to her dismay, a rank 3 demon appeared that she wasn't able to fully vanquish with her lunar powers....without meaning to, Mitzunari somehow managed to create a rip in her time leading her to the parallel world known as Earth, different than her own. Upon entering the rip closed briefly behind making her stuck in this space...Using her telepathic link to Tsukyomi, she panicked and told her what had happened. Though apparent Tsukyomi wasn't phased, Mitzunari was...she feared the fact that where she was right now, she couldn't sense Tsukyomi's aura. As she wandered around this Earth that was so different yet the same as her own time she heard Tsukyomi within her mind.

"My dear childe, if you have managed to skip through dimensions, think of this as a test. Until your powers transcend, you will make your own shrine, be a goddess in training and gain approval of the humans that make their wishes and whisper their hopes to us. Once you learn your duties as the heiress to ascend myself, and learn to help those around you, once you transcend and full the prophecy of you my dear, you can't return. I love you my childe, and Goodluck"

Once Tsukyomi had left her mind, dazed and confused Mitzunari went and took Tsukyomi's advice. Now she seeks to grow and transcend her lunar magicks so she can return to her own time. Mitzunari shrine was created and Mitzunari continued her work, clearing the foul demons that try devour the innocent, listening to humans wishes and learning from the Priestesses that would come to live at the shrine.

And so Mitzunari started her life in this new world. She looked after the humans, protected them from demons and watched them grow. It wasn't all bad living in the world she had stumbled upon. Sadly, however one thing that hadn't changed was the sun draining her abilities and so Mitzunari would hide by day once more, finding joy in streaming to a variety of people, getting to be herself and making the friends she needed, that one step towards a bigger goal and a responsibility. By day Mitzunari becomes a streamer, hiding from the sun's draining light and by night she protects the people.

One day she will finally transcend and ascend as the moon goddess and finally have the power to create another rip in space to return to her duties in her own world. But for now, she's content here. Help her ascend and one day return home <3

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