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Miku Pinku

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IRL: 7 July of 2019 VTuber: September 2021 Redebut: 6 November of 2022
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Miku Pinku (ミクピンク) is a Colombian VTuber and Streamer . She is a visual designer and a freelance artist. She does variety content, like just chatting, gameplays, art and ASMR. Sometimes she does cosplay.

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She is a cone rabbit from Cucuruland, the daughter of a strawberry-flavoured cone and a vanilla-flavoured cone. The Great Cucururucho chose her as the future ruler of Cucuruland. At birth she had the same appearance as all the cones, and as she grew up she began to take the form of a girl rabbit.

Heir to the throne, she was brought to the human world to be trained as a future ruler. Along the way, she learned about art and drawing, she learned about video games and played until the wee hours of the morning. It was all so much fun, that it was then that she made the decision to live here forever, or at least until she felt old enough and knowledgeable enough to rule her land.

Miku Pinku's favourite stuffed animal has a life of its own, because it absorbed some of her magic. The cuddly toy is called Rosito. In the human world, Cucuruchan is a nickname or alias, but it is actually her given name in the world of Cucuruland.

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