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A cybernetic vampier hailing from cold Sweden, Maira strives to warm the hearts of her viewers with her voice and calm demeanor. As a variety VTuber, her content ranges from traditional gaming to creating music, art, and D&D mapmaking. Younger viewers beware, Maira's streams are intended for a mature audience.

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Maira was born into nobility within the vampiric bloodlines, and was gifted with strength that other vampires did not possess. As she was from a powerful house, others would want to take from her what she was given by birth. She grew up being feared and disliked by her peers and family because of her personality and refusal to drink human blood. With no friends nor allies, she was seen as an easy target for those wanting her power for themselves. She was forced to flee her old life and build a new one amongst humans, but after years of fleeing from her old life, she grew tired of running and instead faced those who hunted her.

Drinking blood from other vampires is a crime punishable by eternal entombment, but she didn't care. Slaughtering and feasting on those who had hunted her came as natural to her as hunting humans was to others. Although her persuers laid dead at her feet, it wouldn't be the last she saw of her old life. Years went by, and more would come to either capture or kill her, but non would succeed.

Eventually, after a 1000 years she would find herself as the leader of the Bloodrunners gang, in a cybernetic future with many friends and allies by her side. She discovered many things while living amongst humans, such as video games, her love for art and music, and even DnD. Now she likes to stream and enjoy the company of her friends, all while punishing those that would hurt her or her loved ones any way.

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