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Lyumona (can be called Lyu, Mona, or Nina) is currently a German PNGTuber, who also speaks English openly whenever English-speaking viewers arrive (and curses in Russian, understandably). Her streaming platform is Twitch.

The majority of her content is Art streams, like free art for other VTubers, or doing commissions. Other times she plays Nintendo Switch, PS3, or Indie games. There is a discussion about her making music or using Voice Synthesizers in the future.

Her redeems include a realistic cat impressions, growling, sound alerts, and changing the language for a while.

She planned to return back to her 3D roots soon, but right now her lilac soul/ghost/blob (?) Nini is filling the scene until they can share their table again. Lyumona has a massive interest in finding out new ways to create interactive experiences or funny gimmicks and likes sharing them with her small community.

Lyumona pronouns: She/They Nini pronouns: They/She

Lore Edit

Have you ever just accidentally summoned a therapy demon who splits your soul into pieces, one piece being you and the other one your inner broken child that you now have to cherish and nurture? Uh yeah, that's the story of Lyumona and her inner child, Nini.

Lyumona (Lyu, Mona, Nina) lives in a modern town inside of a small house close to a forest and likes everything Witchcraft and Cottagecore. She spent the majority of her life self-isolating herself for comfort, trying out random 24/7. She likes drinking tea, eating sweets, and flower patterns. The majority of her crafting is trial and error, so her summoning a giant demon was expected to happen.

Nini is the personification of Lyumonas inner child. Their energy is currently very low, so they can only speak when Lyumona doesn't. Nini likes imitating Lyumona, and can change their color and shape whenever they feel like it. Her personality is that of a toddler, mostly. Who knows what will happen once Nini got enough healing?

Therapy Demon is a character that will soon be seen. Nini considers the demon to be their uncle.

(More lore coming soon, apparently.)

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