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05 / 21 / 2023
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Every 6.93 Day(s)
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His pronouns are he/him as Kuruju is a male vtuber that is also a femboy and likes to crossdress. He is obsessed with cats and he is a catboy. He is also bisexual and supports LGBTQ+

Nobody in the face of earth knows correct pronouncation of his name, mainly the J. Some may say it like "ku-ru-zu" some may say "kur-uy-u" and some may say "ku-ru-yu". Legends say that his name is combination of "Kurute" and "jujuro" which is the words for cute and submissive, so his name should be pronounced like kuru from kurute and hard ju from jujuro, but it isnt confirmed and he sometimes pronounces it as "ku-ru-yu". even "kur-ucu" works.

His streams are mainly english even tho he is factually Turkish according to his own words.

Fun fact: the reason he choosed cat is because he was obsessed with Jumin han from the otome game Mystic messenger before, and he has a kitten. Now Kuruju is also a kitten, but not his kitten. Sad.

Fun fact 2: he sucks at every game that isnt luck based, celeste being an exception.

Fun fact 3: he is broke just like every Turkish person. What a time to be a young person.

Vtubers he enjoys to watch: Kaneko Kurobara, taiga, rin penrose and punkalopi.

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Kuruju was a Turkish stray cat that got kidnapped and experimented on and now he is humanoid because of that evil scientist. He now has discriminatory/racist beliefs against dogs because only humanoids can be dumb enough to be racist. But there is shown that he actually likes some dogboys and doggirls, but it is shown that he feels emotions like "regret" and even guilt for liking and befriending dogs. Some people believes that this is because when he was a cat stray dogs ate his family or friends. But whatever it is, he is proud to be a cat, he feels like every catboy and catgirl is his family and he hates dogs.

It is clear that he doesnt have the same hate for more dangerous and similiar species like wolves.

(Kuruju or anyone writing this doesnt have bigoted, discriminatory or racist beliefs.)

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