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Krono Malis(Snowy)

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Krono is a snow wolf vtuber looking to make new friends everyday though the power of the internet and gaming. He has poofy white/silverish hair with a red highlight in the middle of his bangs. He is always wearing his signature dark grey hoodie and light grey sleeveless hoodie shirt underneath. He is a very friendly fellow always looking for new things to try and do.

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Long ago in a snowy mountain… There once lived a young wolf who was a outcast to his pack for his interest in the human species and wanting to make friends with them. One day while studying some of the humans he was just heading home when the young wolf found a mysterious yet somehow magical pocket watch in the snow. When the young one reached to touch it with his paw it was like something changed in him as if he was growing. When the feeling stopped, he soon felt cold like he had been shaven, but when he looked down, he saw the pocket watch and a human hand. With shock he had wished for some warmth and that’s when some clothes appeared onto him out of thin air. Soon he finally spoke and said he wished to somehow make his own pack and have new friends and adventures to go on so with a small prayer to the watch he soon felt himself zooming like he was going at breakneck speeds and then he passed out.When he had woken up and came to his senses, he had found himself in a mysterious area. He then asked, “Where am I?” When am I?”. Then out of nowhere someone spoke you are in America in the year 2022. Nearly passing out again he then asked many different people where and how can he make lots of friends and soon enough he found it in the form of the internet. With excitement he searched for a way to reach many people and become his own pack leader that’s when he saw it on websites like YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Twitter, and TikTok. Many creators such as: Lost Pause, and NuxTaku who introduced him to anime and memes, then Markiplier, Chuggaconroy, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, and many more which introduced him into the world of Video Games. That there is where he knew what to do and now a new story full of fun and adventure along with many new friends begins and I hope you follow this Snow Wolf’s Story further to the end and I will see you in the next stream soon so let’s have fun together new friend….

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