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Hey! I'm Kinishi, I'm a dragon/wolf hybrid who loves video games. Do you? Great! JRPGs are mostly my thing and you'll often find me Doodling Art as well!

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Kinishi was once your average young girl, full of brightness and cheer. However, that is all a distant memory and she cannot recall; to her, she's always been a dragon/wolf hybrid that can transform between demi-human and feral forms. Due to her appearance and feral nature, she lived alone for years, killing wild beats for food, and human hunters who saw her as nothing but a monster. Survival meant everything. One day, after escaping from a group of hunters yet again, Kinishi ran into a small, nimble girl who, to her bewilderment, didn't see her as a monster. Instead, she is revealed to be her biological sister, Shiviana, who teaches Kinishi a technique to become fully human for a time. With this newfound knowledge, Kinishi realized that she could survive without all the killing and even now had family. Shiviana even introduced Kinishi to their father, Aiato, who was able to fill in the blanks of Kinishi's memory. Kinishi, due to her tremendous vigor, was chosen by a mysterious group to be a test subject for experiments similar to lycanthropy in order to create a special task force of monster hunters. Due to the huge sum of money the group offered and the dire economical straits Aiato and Shiviana were in, Kinishi was sold off for the experiements. Upon learning of this dark truth, she ran away in the middle of the night, resolving to never see them again. As time passed, Kinishi continued to aimlessly wander about, hunting in her feral form, and using her human form to avoid hunters. During one her her hunting trips, she encounted an abandoned white wolf. Thinking nothing of it, she turned to walk alway but to her surprise, the wolf transformed into a demi-human form similar to her. With soft eyes that showed surprising wisdom, the wolf-man called himself Temeriere, and and recognized that Kinishi, though in her feral form, was a product of the same experiments as he was due to both her draconic and lupine features. With this in common, the two became close friends, and Temeriere taught Kinishi how to accept her demi-human form as they traveled together. At one of the cities that the pair had been passing through, they discovered a commotion regarding monsters being inside the city that looked like humans. At night, they turned into their monsterous forms and attacked the citizens, which Temeriere and Kinishi protected. After the skirmish, the townsfolk were grateful for the pair's heroic efforts and even accepted the fact that they were demi-humans as they showed they were "monsters" in appearance only. Since then, the two have lived in the city as hunters and watchmen, helping keep the city safe from other monster attacks. In the back of her mind though, Kinishi is determined to find out the reason for why she and so many were experimented on, who (or what) was behind it, and put an end to whatever was causing those like her to truly be feral and help them live normal, happy lives once more.

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