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Kiko is a scorpion, tea box vtuber, who wears glasses and has a comfy smiley shirt and big cozy jacket. Kiko has a chibi form that looks like a tea box with Kiko's signature jacket, during loading screens, it fly's using the tea box straw like a helicopter blade. Fluent in Indonesian, and English, Kiko primarily streams in English with bits of Indonesian mixed in. Streams a variety of games including horror, rpg, mystery, puzzle, and adventure genres. She streams with her friend of six years Arin, the two are called braincell #1 and braincell #2, also known as the group Bakaiko!

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Kiko is a human who was transformed into a death stalker scorpion, who hid away from humans and predators inside a tea box. When Kiko was turned back into a human she kept some parts of the scorpion and some parts of the tea box. Most noticeably the straw on top of Kiko's head.

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