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Katomy is a female vtuber / vstreamer who has a male voice at some point, but don't worry, she is a female haha, she broadcasts on twitch and facebook sometime, she is new in this world and tries hard because she thinks she doesn't have charisma throughout unu she is from El Salvador in Central America, she can speak in English ans Spanish too, she loves anime, collecting figures and video games.

Lore Edit

One day, a very shy girl who loves to play and have a good time with her, wakes up one morning and thinks `` why do I always play alone? And when I play with someone I get stressed? Why can't I be like a cat? "and then she falls asleep again and when she wakes up she realizes that she had beautiful cat ears and had a feeling that made her enjoy the world of streamers and maybe she can find new friends even if she is very shy of some way.

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