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Karrigan Klone

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Karrigan Taylor AKA Karrigan Klone is a female Virtual YouTuber who streams variety content in English. She is a bunny VTuber clone who was created in a lab, modeled after irl famous cosplayer and influencer Karrigan Taylor. She loves to chat, play games, and interact with fans. Karrigan has a lot of different hobbies which she loves to share with her viewers. She loves film, writing, dancing, singing, figure skating and rapping. She also is a huge foodie and loves talking about unique foods for her chat to try.

She started VTubing using a VRoid model on May 10th, 2021. She only streamed two other times using her 3D model until she re-debuted using a brand new 2D model on June 3rd, 2021. Her model was created by Garugyaru and rigged by Sukuratchii. This new model featured a similar design to her previous 3D model, however featured tiny new candy-inspired details such as peppermint buttons, a gummy bear belt buckle, and sprinkles in her hair.

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Karrigan Klone's lore states that she is an AI clone created in a lab by scientists as part of a social experiment. They did something never before seen, they mixed human DNA with a computer. Karrigan Klone is the AI reincarnation of cosplayer Karrigan Taylor. Supposedly, they share the same personality, interests, and sometimes even thoughts.

Karrigan states that since being created so recently, that she has a lot to learn about the world and hopes her viewers can teach her.

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