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Kall Me K



K is a virtual youtuber/streamer (pre-debut currently), who is known for being 'less than seiso', as well as her cursed content, slapstick humor, and, in true impish nature, having a laugh at others expense as well as laughing at herself. Her high pitched wheezing has earned her the moniker "Kall Me Kettle" amongst her community.

Lore Edit

♡ An Astral Imp who loves living life, laughing at both myself and others, concocting the most vile things you'll ever hear, eating delicious food, and being down bad 24/7!

I've drifted from place to place a long time ago until one day a shrine priestess mistook me for a demon and sealed me away in a ritual vase, where I was trapped for a long time - that is until my soon to be best friend, Mem-cchi, released me by accident!

Fascinated by this new modern world, I decided to stick to Mem-cchi like glue, at first to learn about the new world I've found myself in, but over time we found ourselves inseparable! Now we both live each day like a new adventure where there's never a boring day! ♡

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