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Ian Konami

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This wolf boy VTuber is kinda insane. Sure, can be mature. But chaos is best. If you are chaotic, he will scream till there are no more air in his lungs. God damn...

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Many years ago, Ian lived peacefully as a child. He was borned with an unusual eye. His left eye was colored red, whilst his right eye had a deformation. Growing older, Ian became more insecure of this, wearing a patch over his eye at all times. He lived a happy village life with his mother and father who loved and cared for him. But as they lived in harmony, a rebel tribe had raided the village, killing a majority of the villagers and forcing a choice of Ian’s family to run from the chaos into the forest. There was no safety plan, no home they could run to, no person to rely on. They travel among the forest, day and night, hoping for civilization. But every day seemed that they were getting more and more lost, discovering unexplored areas. Ian’s father was unlucky as he had lost his life unfortunately when he had made a wrong step, falling into a lethal trap of a deep, dark hole. That was the last he was ever seen. Despite this terror, Ian’s mother was determined to keep pushing on within the forest for Ian’s sake. Sadly, that too, was put to an end when she had consumed a fruit that unfortunately, caused her a slow death. Ian, now heartbroken, felt lost. Had nowhere to go, nowhere to turn. And so he laid next to his mother’s corpse, putting himself into her arms and crying away. As the nights turned colder and the day burning hot, Ian was found by a couple of unknown men and women dressed in a different attire, a different race, all with different attributes of ears, tails, even claws. He had never seen them before. These unfamiliar people saw Ian, then saw his mother’s corpse. The feeling of guilt and sadness came over them as they knew they couldn’t leave a hopeless child in the forest. And so Ian was taken in and raised as a family. The people taught him how to live off the land, build homes, and even swordsmen and women taught Ian the way of the blade. Upon the discovery of Ian’s patch, he learned about his eye and learned more that it wielded a special ability of swift and sharp eyesight. With the usage of this, Ian succeeded in the art of the blade very well through his years. He had mastered various weapons ranging from the precision of the arrow down to the swiftness of a tanto. Although, he kept on his eyepatch, keeping it his own secret. Up until the age of 16, he had prepared to go off on his own with a goal in mind, to find his village and his people. Upon thanking the caretakers and giving off hard-to-say goodbyes, he set off on his way to reveal his village and unlock his core memories once more.

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