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Hikiyami Moriko

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Hikiyami Moriko is a EN vtuber on Youtube that likes to play indie games and support indie developers on and Twitter, he mostly plays free indie games like Visual Novels, Horror Games and RPGMaker games. He streams the occasional AAA game or matches of some online games like LoL, OVERWATCH 2 and the like.

More than anything he loves doing Granblue Fantasy content and some meme-like short videos once in a while.

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Hikiyami Moriko is a Demon Wolf EX-Hikikomori House Husband turned Ronin to feed his 3 sisters [Momori] [Ririko] and [Kokori] as well as his God dog [Shushuterasu], he is married to a certain character from a certain gacha game that cannot be named due to copyright/Schizo reasons (?)

He holds the Kursed blade of misfortune [Morikumo] that does nothing but bring him bad luck that gets even worse when the sword is unsheathe, for this reason he holds another totally normal and not cursed blade for slashing purposes.

Due to some circumstances Moriko failed to return home for 3 years while searching for food, that caused his sisters to use demonic power rituals to try and conjure a new brother to take care of them, this resulted in what is known as a [Moriklone] AKA any previous iteration of Hikiyami Moriko (See V1 to V7) that are nothing but aspects of Moriko that his sisters managed to conjure and are not canonically Moriko.

After returning home Moriko swiftly killed all of the clones and reclaimed his place as the supreme Onii-chan and continue the Vtuber journey started by the clones.

Hikiyami Moriko -Depressed and tired, always anxious. -Hungry 24/7 but only for fast food and Whiskey (Can’t get drunk) -Overprotective of his sisters and dogs -obsessive love (for his wife) -Surrendering is not an option (sadly)

Shushuterasu -God born from the spirits of ascended dogs -Goddess of the sun and scrunchies -Only eats expensive dog food from France -Dislikes loud noises and flashing lights -Likes to sleep directly under sunlight

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