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Haru-Haru or Haru is a Female Vtuber who streams on Twitch and will occasionally post on her YouTube channel. Haru streams mostly around 5:30 EST/EDT and posts her schedule on all of her social platforms. She is a chaotic streamer who plays a bunch of indie horror games and loves to see her mice (the name of her community) smile. She often collabs with many streamers of all Varieties and one thing they can agree is "Haru is a cute Mousey!"

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Before becoming the Mousey-Bun-Vtuber people known Haru for she was just a regular Vtuber who played games for fun, and it made her happy and her world very colorful and bright. But as usual her bad luck had to follow her again, her friends started leaving her and calling her an attention seeker, important people leaving her with no expiation. With all that she remained happy knowing she had her follower base by her side. But it all changed one day. Her mother didn't support her streaming choices and made her quit, so Haru went on one last stream with a smile on her face and tears rolling down her cheek and stated how much she would miss her fans and it would be her last stream.

She turned off her computer and for almost a year saw the world as nothing but black and white. Haru worked hard jobs that made her exhausted and just...numb. Until one rainy day Haru forgot her umbrella and started walking slowly home in the rain she heard a faint squeak. She looked over to see a small grey mouse on the ground breathing heavily and injured. Without second thought Haru picked up the small, injured mouse and went to bring it home as fast as she could home to care for it. When she got through the door, she put the mouse in a cage from an old pet and brought it anything she thought it would eat. When the small mouse awoke it seemed frightened and to not like Haru one bit. It backed as far as it could go in the cage and went into a defensive position.

For days, Haru would go to work, try and get close to the mouse and feed it, but it would either scratch her or just still be in a defensive position. Haru felt her efforts were wasted, and her world would feel more darker the further the mouse became. Until one day, she came up with a final attempt, it was a random one but hopefully it worked.

She took a week off work and spent it making an outfit. But not just any outfit, a mouse-like one. She wore a dress with a moon made of cheese, a pair of grey and black thigh highs with mouse paws on the bottom of them and mouse heads, and finally a sweater with mouse paws on the sleeves, the hoodie with holes cut out of it, and finally the piece to put it all together the mouse tail. Haru tied her hair in two mousey buns and went to get closer to the mouse. She brought the mouse food hoping her efforts didn't go to waste. The mouse looked at her and got closer. He was finally eating! After seeing this Haru's world turned a mute color this made Haru just a bit happier.

Days passed and Haru had this new routine. Go to her dead-end job, come home, change into her new mousey attire, and get closer to the mouse. They had gotten along so well that the mouse was eating more and even went up to her hand for Haru to carry him. When Haru finally picked him up for the first time she smiled happily and patted him. "You're so cute, I think I'm going to call you...Bep." Haru said with a smile on her face. Bep looked at her with a smile and spoke back "Bep!"

This surprised Haru as she fell to the ground backing away from the mouse. Haru seemed confused but the mouse kept a curious smile on its face. "W-what did you say?" "Bep!" Bep replied back. "How can you speak?" "Speak!" He replied. Haru thought for a moment and realized the mouse is just repeating words it heard from Haru to make conversation. She wanted to try something "My name is Haru, can you say Haru?" Bep smiled "Haru!" Haru smiled and sat closer to the mouse patting his head "Yeah Haru, and you're my friend Bep."

Soon enough, the two of them were best friends! cooking together but always making a mess, Bep always waiting for her to get home from a stressful day of work, taking Bep shopping for cute things to wear and eat. Haru was happy, but the world was still this mute color, and she knew why...but after so much hurt, so much pain, she didn't want what little color to go back to being grey. But after seeing streamers having so much fun and interacting with their communities Haru missed that.

She dusted off the computer and turned it on. She took a deep breath with Bep by her side and went live for what seemed like forever "hello my little mice!" she said with a bright smile on her face, and soon enough her world turned back to being colorful and bright.

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