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Grimorae is an English virtual content creator streaming mainly on Twitch. Her shows are often chaotic, featuring games, art, just chatting community conversations, rants, uncalled for loud yells and dance raves.

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At the beginning, fear lacked shape. It was a thought, a prickle at the back of the neck, an uneasy feeling, a paranoia, or a self-tormenting doubt. It was the darkness, the unknown, the perilous, the unseen. In the same fold, it was the wonderful, the miraculous, the uncharted, and the unimaginable. When adventurous spirits took to discover the vastness of the world, their greatest fears started to take shape. The worst of their imagined fears gave birth to Grimorae as a sentient life. She became their greatest challenge: The Final Boss.

In modern day, Grim does not care to uphold her role (but she will still threaten to). Instead, she prefers the company of slimes, vicariously enjoys food adventures with them, enjoys some serious gaming and drawing scuffed art!

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