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She plays a variety of retro, multiplayer, PC and Switch games every weekend when she comes into Earth`s orbit around 8-10pm EST.

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GreeneJewel is a lunar elf from a far away galaxy. She has the same pointed ears as other elves in the universe, but was born on a moon in another galaxy. A lunar elf doesn’t require much oxygen and is used to lower levels of gravity.

Physically, Jewel appears young. Lunar elves are rumored to possess healing properties which allows for cellular regeneration and nearly immortal lifespans. However, due this and time dilation associated with space travel, there is no way to know how old Jewel really is.

Her long, wavy hair is midnight black with green/purple multicolor streaks and brushed into two half buns. Looking at her, you might wonder if it’s all natural.. then she looks at you. Her eyes sparkle with the same colors in her hair. Even her freckle is purple!

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