AnimeVTubers who focus on anime content.
    ArtVTubers who make content related to the visual arts which includes drawings, illustrations, paintings etc.
    ASMRVTubers who make ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) content.
    ChattingVTubers who make content when they mainly tell stories or do talk shows.
    CookingVTubers who make content that contains the practice or skill of preparing various types of food.
    EducationVTubers who makes content with the intend to educate or enlighten their viewers.
    GamingVTubers who make gaming related content, including, but not limited to MMORPGs, visual novels, tabletop gaming, and video gaming.
    HorrorVTubers whose focus is to scare the audience with their content.
    LGBTQ+VTubers who make content that would fall within the LGBTQ+ category.
    MangaVTubers who focus on manga content.
    MatureContains subject matter which may be too extreme for people under the age of 18. Content that deals with mature themes not suitable for a younger audience.
    MusicVTubers who make music related content.
    Voice ActingVTubers who make content related to the art of making character voices in various types of media.
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