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Gabriel Cantor

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Gabriel is a VTuber who streams games and makes music! They make music for others, as well as original story-centric songs. They mostly stream JRPGs, as well as nostalgia stuff like N64 games and Sonic the Hedgehog every weekend!

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Gabriel is the child of two heroes responsible for stopping the world from ending some years back. With the world at relative peace, they took up the arts and making sure no one ever forgets the people who allow them to live this way. Traydor Academy is a prestigious higher education facility, and the first cross-cultural one on their world, being built just after a revolution where every land came together to overthrow a tyrannical ruler, an event in which Gabriel's grandparents were key. This family lineage led to an interest in history and storytelling, which they made the focus of their music (and the games they enjoys, like RPGs).

The people of Gabriel's world are gifted with different elemental powers signified by their hair color. The rare white hair marks them as having access to them all, though at the expense of some physical health and, due to the aforementioned "Tyrannical Ruler" also having this hair, being a social pariah in some circles still. Like all white-haired individuals, they have a twin with black hair with whom they are very close.

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