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Furrosuti is the NXT Gen in English VTubing! He specializes in Voice Acting, Singing and Gaming Content~ Whether you are looking for a new gamer to watch rage at the little things, a karaoke hot spot for a Friday Jam session, or tons and tons of funny voices and effects Furro is programed to provide! So what are you waiting for? Join the Nyarmy~

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Furrosuti is an android developed by GIGA Corp, a shady government robotics company that’s looking to take over the world. While Furro’s design might seem cute and unsuspecting, it was actually purposely crafted for one thing and one thing only. Mind control. The Cat Boy takeover is upon us, and of course at the very top of it all was going to be an android that could easily manipulate the masses. So, are you looking to swear your allegiance and join the ranks? Or do you dare stand against the shadows and take on the Feline Storm head on?

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