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Fisani is an English elven Vtuber who does variety streams! Ranging from art/live2D to comfy or horror games! Family Friendly, very bubbly, kind, and peaceful streamer who is always down for a chill time. Loves drawing shiny objects and lighting. Not easily scared and tries to make horror enjoyable for everyone!

Favorite Games: Dragon Age, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Odin Sphere, DEEMO, Misc visual novels, Elden Ring, FNAF & spin offs, Elder Scrolls, Forewarned, Halo, Project Diva, Borderlands, Nier Automata, Amnesia Dark Descent, Resident Evil, SCP

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Fisani is a gem elf. In her chest area where her heart is located is actually a cracked open geode. Hence a living gem! Gems grow and protrude when extreme emotions are felt.

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