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Fatal is a VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English.

A lonely soul. Probably a cyborg. VTuber and cat admirer.

Gaming, Just Chatting, and story-driven content. Now streaming on Twitch!

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Having little memory of his past, Fatal awoke on a snowy cliffside in Canada, having no idea how or why. Freezing, and somehow alive, he retreated to the nearest shelter.

There, he met his companion, Bean the Cat.

She has made him question many things about the past, including where he's from and why he's here.

These are the clothes he was found in, and has since been too afraid to remove them.

"I don't own a mirror, but Bean tells me I'm different. I know I'm different. I'm very emotional. And I may be covered in flesh, but my "Brain" tells me otherwise. Like there's more under the surface.

Something cold and unforgiving...

I have fragmented memories, but they don't mean anything.

The life I lived is irrelevant to me now.

I have Bean to keep me sane,

and games to keep me busy.

What more could I ask for?"

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