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Evaki is an English/Bengali vtuber who primarily makes content in English while occasionally making content in Bengali and Hindi, though her Hindi is terrible, she tries her best. She mainly streams competitive video games, her favourite one being VALORANT. She has a soft spot for Yoru and Harbor mains.

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A vampire princess from another world who decided to visit Earth to see if she could conquer it. She visited in her bat form, but this new world wouldn't let her retain her complete bat form, which is why she ended up stuck between her vampire and her bat form. Not one for violence, she did some research into seeing what would be the best method here, and eventually found out about 'vtubers'. Deciding to become one of them, she started her mission to conquer the people's hearts before conquering the world.

Except, that was all a facade. Under the princess' smug demeanour was just... a normal girl. A normal girl who was sick of everything life had thrown at her. A normal girl who couldn't deal with the harsh realities of life. This was her one last chance to try something else and find a new purpose for living.

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