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DJ is a self-proclaimed "comfy engineer VTuber" who generally streams a variety of games, from Minecraft to the Dark Souls series, as well as fairly regular voice acting.

He fosters a community based around mutual support and understanding, having also made a small series of YouTube shorts focusing on mental health and regularly giving advice and words of encouragement to viewers going through hard times. He is also a burgeoning 3D modeler, having kit-bashed his own model and various elements of his stream overlay.

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Graduating summa cum laude from MIT with a Master's in Engineering, DJ was hired on the spot for a research lab at a nearby university. Unfortunately, between his questionable methods and fixation on results, he gained a bit of a reputation as someone who made the ends justify the means by any method necessary. After an incident that left two wings of the research department completely totaled, as well as one person missing, DJ's employment was terminated, and he was blacklisted from the community. Now working out of an abandoned building and using outdated technology and scrap to cobble together his creations, he continues toward his ultimate goal: to create a better world for humanity, no matter what it takes.

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