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Digital ghost stuck in his PC. Digi is a chill variety streamer that streams horror games and fps games including Apex Legends and Hunt:Showdown.

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Halloween night, while browsing creepy stories, horror games, and all things that go bump in the night, a man discovered a story. This mysterious file was linked under a YouTube video entitled Top 10 eeriest creepypastas. No explanation or description. Just a single link: Enter. Of course, needing to satisfy his curiosity and penchant for the creepy and peculiar, the man clicked the link.

Upon clicking the link, a download immediately began. Just as quickly as the download had started, it completed. "Hmm small file... Ah okay its just a text file" he thought to himself, glancing at the file extension with a shrug. Unbeknownst to him, it would be one of the biggest decisions he'd ever make. He opened the file and began to read it aloud.

With each word his vision grew fuzzy, almost pixelated. His world began to dim. Involuntarily, he continued to read the strange strings of words, his voice weakening. Everything went black with a quick snap of static and a thud to the floor as he collapsed.

The dark room began to flicker alive as his computer screen illuminated. Light seemed to remember it existed. He stared out as his body lay there, like cheap haunted house decor, accented by the dying flames of the freshly carved smiles around his room. His bedroom decorated for a macabre celebration, forever stuck as it were, that Halloween night."Wha..what is this?" His consciousness would be forever entombed inside of his PC.

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