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Cutie Cori



Cutie Cori (Corinne) Was* an independent Envtuber that streams 3D full body motion tracked dancing and cute content on Twitch and desktop games on Youtube.

Now Cori has become more adult in theme and content and primarily streams NSFW livestreams on Fansly and Kick after Twitch unfairly and unjustly life-banned her for inappropriate attire with no ability to appeal.

she loves all her fans and is extremely caring and dedicated to those who support her.

Lore Edit

Cori is a Kitsune Succubus. In the beginning her only form was petite and small, but over time she learned how to change appearance and sometimes would appear as a Neko in order to please her enjoyers (fans) as she consumed more and more love she grew and started to be able to take on more voluptuous forms and in turn her love became more adult in nature and theme. She is a Demon Goddess of Love and Cute who's goal is to bring love and joy to everyone.

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