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Riparia is a variety streamer that makes content in English. She has a particular interest in RPGs, dating sims, retro, puzzles, point and clicks, and horror games. She also frequently does hand cam streams for art, Gunpla, and other hobbies. She has a love of natural science and this often comes out in her streams through the games she plays or things she brings to her hand cam streams.

She is known for putting challenges on herself frequently often just because she thinks it would be funny. This makes her prone to letting out stifled, high pitched screams and other nonsense noises when these challenges tend to be a bit more than she can handle. However she is incredibly stubborn and will see the challenge through no matter how many times it takes.

Riparia is fond of using props. A recurring and frequent one being googly eyes, which she sticks on herself, or in her hand cam streams, on anything that frustrates her. Gundams she builds are a frequent target of her googly eyes.

At the end of her streams she often says "Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the little bastards bite." "Little bastards" is a term she often uses for any small monster in a horror game that appears in a group to overwhelm the player.

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Riparia is a half-fae cursed to be a Melusine. As part of her curse, she is supposed to retreat to the bath every Saturday to unleash her cursed form and not be seen by others. However due to several people seeing her cursed form she became stuck in an in-between phase. No longer caring who sees her, she just allows herself to be as is. From her cursed form she retains scales on her legs, glowing eyes and dark teal hair. Her teeth sometimes appear sharp. She is rumored to have had blonde hair in her human form though few have ever seen it.

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