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Chiyo is a chaotic but comfy kitty that does a cozy variety of streaming games. Her fanbase is known as the fishies, and ever since then, she's gained the ability to communicate with fish and share the love with all of them. She plays a lot of horror games, and fishies look forward to her adorable sneezes.

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A 4501-year-old cat, she is friendly, lewd or seiso who knows, wholesome, and somewhat unique. Born with an unusual hair color that had its connection with the seas. The blueish tones in her hair were instead looked down upon and eyed by the people around her.

One day she decided to head down to her comfort zone, the beach It was nearly midnight, what was she doing out here late at night? She sat down near the shore until she, unfortunately, slipped off and lost her balance, Plop! Throughout this tragedy, she just floated underwater thinking to herself how she’d never learned to swim before. Until she fell deeper, her hair must've been catching on to random pieces of coral, the bioluminescence was from all the creatures around her, jellyfish! was shining brightly that night, she had been afloat for so long that it had wrapped its tentacles around her head leaving behind bioluminescence. Her instincts automatically activated from the shock and she tried to swim upwards. Still, a fin wrapped around her ankle and pulled her down even deeper. This fin had left a beautiful anklet on her left ankle, and she noticed a rather unusual bright blue light and swam toward it out of curiosity.

Slowly but surely, she started hearing clicking noises, noticing a bunch of beautiful schools of fish swimming around her in curiosity. The shrimps rode on top of fish, hooking their little legs around the fins. It was such a sight for sore eyes.

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