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Competitor Kai

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Kai is a femboy Virtual Streamer who makes content in English. He streams a variety of content, from Jackbox Party Packs to various single player or multiplayer games with friends. He focuses on chat interaction, and creating a chill environment for people to hang out and talk more than anything.

He is often accused of being a tsundere or being cute by those around him, which causes him annoyance and makes him deny it further, usually resulting in increased accusations.

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Kai lost his parents at a young age in a mugging attack, which also led to him losing an eye. Due to being passed around through lots of different homes and not getting close to anyone, he developed a tendency to prank others and perform minor crimes. The adrenaline associated with such acts quickly became an addiction for him, and he went on to become a mercenary as a result of it, figuring it would give him a place to provide the rush that he craved while making easy money. Despite being excellent in combat situations, a crack shot and natural strategist, when it came to working with others Kai was anxious and unsure of himself, leading him to often ignore orders and try to do as much as possible alone.

Though he was ultimately effective, this put him at odds with others more often than not, and his behavior alongside numerous confidence issues led to multiple confrontations, which eventually led to him leaving his mercenary life behind him after a few years. Though not much is currently known about what happened, nowadays, he spends his time trying to make new friends and work through his heavy shell, trying to open up by playing action games for the rush they produce and streaming to meet new people.

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