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A Dragon & Elf duo. Chusi Infernius the Dragon and Niry Lin the Elf both run the Crimson Tavern, desiring to play games and meet a wide variety of different people. They bicker, try, fail, and sometimes succeed when playing various games but no matter what they endeavor to provide a fun and inviting experience for anyone who stops by to visit their humble tavern.

As gaming Vtubers they predominantly play a variety of different games, ranging from survival, to first-person shooters, to gacha, to horror. Few genres escape their chaotic way of playing games.

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Chusi and Niry had their own tales before they came together to open the Crimson Taven.

Niry was an Elf born to wealthy merchants. She fled with her trusty dog familiar to explore the world and forge her own path. She would go on adventures and explore the world before she encountered and befriended a dragon by the name of Chusi Infernius, and decided she wanted to run a Tavern to meet more unique people from around the world.

Chusi is a child of Nidhogg but was disowned for his friendliness towards humans and other mortal creatures. They refused to help start Ragnarök and wandered the world. In their travels they encountered an elf called Niry Lin and choose to find the Crimson Tavern alongside Niry, excited at the idea of meeting all kinds of adventurers and wanderers.

Together they run the Crimson Tavern, with the help of their canine companions Tavernbard Lucky, Yami The Jester and Husky The Wise.

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