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Chisame Yukina

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Chiu is a twin-tailed nekomata standing roughly 142cm (4'8") tall. She has red eyes and short brown hair with long side-locks. Chiu wears glasses that are taped to her head. Her current live2d wears a strapless black and white dress with pink bows, a collar with a paw-shaped pendant, armbands, and thigh-high stockings. However, a new 3d avatar is in the works that will be wearing a strapless leotard with a miniskirt. Currently, she is 34 years past 25 old. Chiu spends most of her time editing photos/videos, drawing, gaming, and ranting about anime. She is also currently studying Japanese and Mandarin.

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  • Breaking the Fourth Wall - Chiu's original lore before her debut was simply being a human in cosplay. It was changed to being a Nekomata after her live2d artist animated her cat ears despite being asked not to.
  • Catchphrase - "Heckin' adorbs~" and "Miau~"
  • Names The Same - Chiu writes her name in Japanese as 白滝【ちう】千雨 indicating "Chiu" is an alias and her real name is "Chisame". Her full name is a reference to the Negima?! character, Chisame "Virtual Idol Chiu" Hasegawa. In Negima?! Chisame has a familiar named, "Shirataki".
  • Themed Naming - Chiu's last name, "Shirataki", is a type of noodle made of konjac called Shirataki or Devil's Tongue Noodles. This was chosen as a double entendre in reference to her love of noodles, and a lewd innuendo as she's referred to herself on streams as having a "devilish tongue".
  • Life Imitates Art - An unintentional coincidence, Chiu was formerly an introverted programmer and hacker who cosplayed on the internet and wears both glasses and cat ears. Similarly the character her name is inspired by, Chisame Hasegawa in Negima?!, is a glasses-wearing, introverted programmer and hacker who cosplays on the internet and at one point had cat ears. This was not a factor in choosing the name but realized after the fact.
  • Cute Kitten - Chiu is joined on her streams by a virtual tabby cat that viewers can interact with named Pretzel Stick inspired by a plushie she has and named in real life.
  • Vague Age / Immortality Begins at Twenty / Humanlike Animal Aging - Chiu's age is written as "N years past 25" which is updated every Saturday as a means of keeping track of how long she's been streaming although this makes it hard for fans to track her age. This is also a direct reference to the game Mabinogi where player characters age up every Saturday and gain an increase in stat points until after 25 years of age. Due to updating her age every week, 1 human year is the equivalent of 52 years for Chiu.
  • Product Placement - Chiu's main background contains several direct product placements. On the left wall are Nanoleaf lights. On the couch is a plushie of Luna from Sailor Moon. Left of the couch is a Fender Stratocaster. There are three posters on the wall, in order, All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Project A-ko, Daicon IV. Left of the posters is a shelf displaying 3 model kits in the Frame Arms Girl line, Innocentia, Materia, Stylet, as well as a Figma of Rei Takanashi from Alice Gear Aegis.
  • Colorblind Confusion - Chiu has protanomaly, a mild form of red-green colorblindness. As a result, she often struggles with colors in games like Among Us and worries about her photo/video edits looking good to normal people. As an ironic choice, she gave her avatar red eyes and her live2d has a toggle that changes her ribbons to a shade of blue-green that she struggles with. The color scheme of her assets also heavily uses shades of red and pink.
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