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Ren Vanitas Komori is a small cottontailed demon called an "Incubunnie" as well as a cozy live streamer who plays variety games, he enjoys horror games and spooky videos and loves everything related to strawberries and sipping on vanilla-taro boba milktea. You can usually find him curled up in bed under blankets sleeping soundly.

Lore Edit

In the shadowy realm of the supernatural, where creatures of all kinds exist, there exists a peculiar and mischievous demons known as Incubi and Succubi. However one creature in particular was created as the ultimate incubus creation. This enigmatic entity combines the innocent charm of a bunny with the seductive allure of an incubus, making it an alluring yet dangerous presence in the mystical world. The creation of the Incubunnie, a peculiar and tempting creature, is steeped in the dark and arcane arts, attributed to none other than the Devil himself. This tale delves into the depths of temptation, desire, and diabolical magic.

The Bunny Incubus possesses a natural charm and charisma that can enchant anyone who gazes into its eyes. It uses its innocent appearance to lure in unsuspecting victims, gaining their trust and lowering their guard. Once someone has fallen under its spell, the Bunny Incubus reveals its true form, seducing its prey with irresistible charm.

Over time, the Incubunnie grew weary of being a mere puppet of the Devil. It possessed a spark of consciousness and an emerging sense of self that yearned for freedom and autonomy. It resented the Devil's manipulation and the role it was forced to play in ensnaring souls for their Master's dark purposes.

The Incubus Bunny's journey became a torturous one, as it tried to balance its desire for independence with its constant battle against its demonic urges. It sought to use its abilities for more benevolent purposes, striving for genuine affection rather than exploit their souls with temptations. Yet, the struggle remained, a constant reminder of its origins and the price it had paid for freedom. The creature became a complex and enigmatic figure, a being torn between its desire for mundane fulfillment and the dark legacy of their creator.

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