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Baby is a Sakura-Based Bear/Bunni Hybrid Girl, who wants nothing more than to spread positivity and smiles across her platform. She is very socially-awkward, but sees it as part of her charm. She loves apples, dancing, music, and supporting others. Also junk food. And bear-hugs are her weakness.

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Baby comes from a world that humans are part animal. She was the result of a Mama Bunny and a Papa Bear falling in love with one another. She is an only child, but where she's from.. it's weird to be a crossbreed. While young, she got made fun of, and judged for her hybrid nature. And during those times of sadness, she found out about Vtubers! They made her happy, and gave her a smile she hasn't had in a while. So now, Baby wants to become a Vtuber/Vstreamer, to help those who feel outcasted, feel like they have a place to belong.

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