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Azra / Azrafox

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Azra is a furry vtuber/streamer who creates content with a mix of "just chatting" and gaming. She focuses on Nintendo content but also has a fondness for VR and the occasional PC game (Genshin Impact being the main one). She typically enjoys colourful, anime-styled games including adventure and JRPGs, but as a variety streamer she is open minded to try other genres too.

Her style is typically focused on lifting people up and providing a safe space to talk with a positive attitude. A place for people to unwind from a busy day and enjoy something together in a relaxed environment. While normally soft spoken, she gets distracted easily and loves going on excited tangents on topics that interest her.

Azra's pronouns are flexible as she is not trans, but rather enjoys playing a character on the feminine side of the spectrum.

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Azra is an anthropomorphic female arctic fox. Despite her thick fur, she struggles with the cold and enjoys warmth/comfort, in particular opting to wear oversized hoodies and wrap herself in warm blankets. A far cry from the icy tundra of the north, she currently resides in urban England which she calls her home. She's always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights, though hasn't yet made this a reality.

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