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Asbeel Nox

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Asbeel is a German Indie VTuber with a messy sleep rhythm, leading to her active hours mostly being in tune with the EST timezone rather than Central Europe's.

She focuses mostly on First Person Shooters, Third Person Shooters and Horror Games, but the occasional indie title is not out of the options either! On top of that she also enjoys 3d Printing, and occasionally does handcam streams where she assembles and hand-paints cosplay props created with her 3d Printers!

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A former Angel, fallen from Heaven after losing faith in God and his methods. Led the Watchers (Angels tasked with holding watch over Humanity) astray, which eventually caused the birth of the Nephilim, War and Weapons as we know them today. God tried to stop all of this by starting THE great biblical flood.

Fast forward a few thousand years - she has now realized that her methods are far too extreme, leading to a mindset of "spreading love and support is a better rebellion than ending creation as we know it."

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