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Anny (エンニー) is a female English VTuber and VStreamer who debuted on 13 March, 2021. She's a fox girl, and had been a streamer for over 5 years prior to her debut as a VTuber. She is an illustrator with a focus on streams involving art, gaming and chatting. She is currently based in Japan, though she is from Ukraine and lived in Sweden for a year and Finland for two years when she was younger. She illustrated her design while her modeling/rigging was done by Iron Vertex. She is a member of the Twitch team "comfy". She is 190 years old, her birthday is 4 June, her height is 142 cm and her zodiac sign is Gemini. She is also a pro at roller skating. She is very comfy and smug, often joking around with her chat.

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