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Annasu Anona

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Annasu Anona was an independent English and Filipino VTuber who streamed primarily on Twitch, but also on YouTube as well. She was notoriously known by some of her fans for her song cover of "Lamasin ang Suso" by grindcore metal band Tubero, having an unfiltered mouth that occasionally delivered crispy, out-of-the-oven Filipino curse words, and her quote, "LAMAW." She claimed herself to be an assassin for hire. Sometime during March 2022, all of her socials were deleted.

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Konanasu~ My name's Annasu Anona! I'm a vstreamer on twitch (and soon on YT). I dunno why they call me gremlin but I know I'm very seiso. I love playing outlast so much that it hurts my soul. I became a vtuber because I don't like taking a bath everyday. It will be a hassle if I became an irl streamer. I sold my soul to be a vtuber last june 13, 2021 on YT. I privated my first debut video so I can have content on my anniversary (if I'm still alive by that). Thank you so much for reading this lmao. I wab you

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