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AnemoianArts (anie-moy-an) is a North American Vtuber and illustrator with a go-getter attitude who's easily distracted by most things. With a great love of art along with what can only be described as a concerning backlog of video games which continuously grows, Ane is often caught in the wild working on commissions, exploring through lesser-known games, and generally having a laugh with their many freinds.

Ane's birthday falls on November 14th and is a Scorpio.

Something of an aesthetician, AnemoianArts finds a deep love of various different visual styles and art movements through things like vaporwave, outrun, webcore, retro-futurism, dada, art deco, constructivist art, and green brutalism!

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AnemoianArts may seem like your average person, but the Earth they come from is far different than this one. Ane comes from what is called the "Red Future," a potential timeline where humanity is brought together in unison with their common goals, where scarcity is dissolved, exploitation is no more, the planet is healed, and equity for all people is achieved and protected. In this future, people can pursue their ambitions unhindered and are helped at every hinderance by peers.

AnemoianArts was able to live in such a future and knows it can be achieved as it once has, but now they are on this Earth, filled with strife and conflict. The only way to return would be to build the Red Future here, and they cannot do it alone. They need your help to make the planet better!

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