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Amatsuki Tsubaki

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Tsubaki is an English speaking streamer who plays a variety of games such as Sea of Thieves, Foxhole, The Isle, Planet Zoo, and more! She tries to be positive as often as she can and loves to talk about her friends and pets.

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A samurai from the distant past, originally from a place known as Wano-kuni on the Grand Line, however in this timeline it seems to be named Japan. She ate the Hara-Hara no mi, or the Petal Fruit giving her a body that when struck by anything physical turns into petals and reforms into normal, this power also gives her the ability to generate a near infinite amount of petals and causes her to weight as much as a pile of petals. Because Tsubaki likes aesthetically pleasing things, nearly all the petals she creates are cherry blossoms and she has become so proficient with it that as long as she is conscious there is a constant stream of petals falling around her. Due to her swordsmanship not being very necessary anymore, she has made the decision to try her hand at being an idol!

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