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0kami SweetFang

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SweetFang is a female VTuber on twitch who loves to play DnD, and co-op or single player games on stream. She is also often found to be working on creating stuff via programming in the Unity game engine. When she's playing horror games she is easly scared especially in VR. And she's often looking to collab with the people she gets to meet. Also often responds with "hoihoi" when greeting someone, or "yesyes" when agreeing to something.

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Her village is hidden far in a tall forest to the south where it always snows. Its dangerous to wander there for too long because of the wildlife and other phenomenon's that might occur. She's a spirit (medium/) guide, meaning that she guides spirits, ghosts and souls to their respective deity, even though she doesn't have a deity of her own. Thus she won't be able to pass on and is always stuck within the realm of the living and the Limbus realm. The Limbus is a realm where the recently deceased their souls reside before being sent to their deity.

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