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Zetta is a Virtual Streamer who makes content in English. They are a humanoid alien species from a planet 200 years in the future whose genes are crossed with those of a Giant Salamander's. After accidentally crash-landing on present-day Earth, Zetta had difficulty assimilating to human life, and currently lives as a shut-in in an underground den far away from society.

Zetta has two forms: a feminine form and a younger, masculine form. Rumor has it that there is a third, older form that has yet to be awakened.

Zetta has an interest in drawing, video games, and singing, and has recently started to share their interests with the rest of the world through streaming. Although Zetta can be weird and slightly chaotic at times, they have a gentle heart and always tries their best at making comfy and fun streams. Their favorite game genres include mobile gacha games, rhythm games, and anything cute and colorful.

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