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V, The Info Dealer

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V is a variety VTuber on Twitch and YouTube. He mostly streams FPS, Open World, and MMORPG games, react/review content, and art streams. These are normally focused on his commission work for Ko-Fi, working on 2D Assets and 3D VRoid models for VRChat or 3D VTubing. He also has his own talk show called VCiTY where he talks with content creators (Mainly VTubers), but hopes to expand to game devs and more! V has a segment on Sundays called The Holy Hour, where he delves into biblical stories in a fun and interactive way!

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V is a young merc living in Night City, where he doubles as a youth pastor and amateur comedian on the side. He works for a company called MindHack Industries, who explore other dimensions by hijacking the brains of compatible subjects on the other side. V jacks into these ports and explores the worlds the subjects exist in, sometimes even going into combat. On the side, however, V like to hit up his local comedy clubs to meet new people and experiment with his funny bone. On Sundays, V becomes the head youth pastor at The Church of Night, where he tells fun Bible stories while also delving into topics people may want to talk about. Overall, he's not a bad guy... but he does go on the occasional heist. It's Night City; not exactly the perfect place to be :P

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