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Tifa Losa

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Tifa Losa is an Astral Snow Fox. She is 444 years old. She is lively, love to laugh, but kind of depressions and world-weary sometimes. Tifa loves to play Apex, Horror games, and puzzle games! ( who always drinking while playing) She loves food and wine more than human.

Black Tiger Guardian: Grumpy White Tiger Guardian: Lazy

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Tifa Losa is having a very big fox ears that different with her family and friends. Her parents tried to keep her at home, so she won’t get hurt from the others. Tifa tried to sneak out and looked for some friends, but got bullied. After that, she locked herself at home for a very long time. One day, Tifa’s parents sent her to an Astral Fox School that having a lot of different foxes. Tifa realized she is not alone anymore, she made a lot of friends there and started open her heart. Tifa asked her teacher sensei how to have 9 tails like her. Sensei told her that she needs to help people in order to get more tails. Then Sensei sent Tifa to the earth with Tiger Guardians to help people~ The Tiger Guardians are made with Tifa’s weaknesses, Grumpy and Lazy. And Tifa started to stream for making people feel happy and joy!

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