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The Travelling Inquisitor is a Warhammer 40k 100% Speedrunner and all round masochist, who uses his ability of hyper focusing for crazy long speedruns. His channel mainly focuses on in depth discussions on video games and bringing more interest into the routing and running of longer games that most would deem too challenging.

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The High Lord Inquisitor of the Ordo Memeus was lost in the warp for several hundred years, during the time exploring the warped reality and fighting off the horrors of Chaos, he found a lost creature that had stowed away. The Inquisitor being a psyker, he could sense the creature was not from this realm and she posed no threat.

Curious of his new found friend, she told him that she is a Moogle and how they helped humans in her world, so they formed an alliance and Mog the Moogle was given the role of Commissar. The Inquisitor made her a personal guard they readied themselves for any threats they crossed paths with.

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