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Tetsu is an android from another galaxy sent to the milky way to learn about its life forms, specifically earth. Tetsu is a variety streamer, as such you will see a lot of different games. Her community loves watching her play scary games, so expect those from time to time! She is very big on mental health. Her goal is to create a fun, and comfy space for all her viewers. Her channel is 18+ due to language and the content of some jokes.

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Tetsu is an android from the Andromeda Galaxy. She is an Automaton whose sole purpose is to learn about the Milky way’s life forms. When created it was decided that giving her a cat-like appearance would make the alien civilizations more comfortable with her presence. She traveled for billions of years in stasis, as a result her body needed repairs and she was forced into a small cat body. She orbited earth for a while till her body was repaired enough to meet its population. Since then she has discovered tea, video games, and memes! She is quite interested in learning more about the aliens of this galaxy.

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