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Patella Maxilla

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An undead necromancer girl who is wholesome, degenerate, charming, cringe, an artist, and a weeb. She likes to play video games with chill vibes while making puns and dirty jokes. A variety streamer who focuses on fantasy RPGs, rogue-likes, and indie games. The majority of games she plays are Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls. Building up a community and having fun with others are what her main priorities are.

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Once a powerful mage in life, she used the majority of her powers to be reborn after death as an undead lich and stored that magic within an amulet that must never be taken off lest the magic be reversed. Using what magical power she had left, she summoned up an illusion spell that gives her a human appearance as opposed to a skeletal one although she is capable of shifting between the two.

Not even death could stop her from doing what she loves most in the world which is playing video games and watching anime.

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