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Mitsurinn Hariku

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Mitsurinn Hariku is a VTuber and is a member of MYVtubers Community. He is mostly streams FPS game titles and gacha games. Gaming streams mostly done on PC, in few occassions using Switch, and sometimes he collaborate with friends or other VTubers.

He speaks in English and Bahasa Malaysia, time to time he greets his potential Japanese audience with his elementary level of Japanese.

He is open to talk about anything with his viewers, while also telling stories by time to time.

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Established IT Analyst living in the year of 2088 where space travel is the norm, he is living among the elite due to his knowledge of designing system capable of improving the lifestyle of the Earth population through efficient system software. One day he decided to take a step back and becoming a mixologist, and the intrigue of his fellow Regulars allowing him to somewhat becoming an information broker, giving and receiving intels to those who need and supply.

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