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Maximum Wesley

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While typically a chill person at heart he can be very sassy and rambunctious when riled up. He enjoys streaming and creating videos for others to enjoy with his vtuber partners in crime, Rosey and Willow. Typically he plays a variety of different games for his streams, but he does have a preference for adventure games and RPG's in general. Wesley's primary goal as a VStreamer/Vtuber is to provide a fun and safe little pocket on the internet for people to destress and enjoy themselves.

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Wesley is an undead battlemage hailing from the depths of Pixel Purgatory. Being one of the few capable of realm travel among his companions known as the Disciples of Rosey, he decided to explore what others referred to as "Earth" and found himself infatuated by all the new technology, especially video games. With this new interest at hand he decided to stay and do what he refers to as "more research" into these video games and even started streaming them online. With no intention of leaving Earth any time soon he decided to hide away his magical robes and armor for now in favor of more comfortable (and Earth appropriate) clothes to lounge in to continue his research.

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